Feel The Power of Social Media Marketing (SMM) With Me As Your SMM Consultant

If you think about the buzz of today’s online world, ‘Social Media’ is the word. More than 189 Millions of facebook users are tagged ‘Mobile only’, YouTube reaches more users (18-34 age groups) in US, than the cable networks, every 2 seconds and there is a new member joining LinkedIn, twitter demographic has grown 79% since 2012, and 93% of the online marketers use Social Media in their marketing strategy! Shocking, isn’t it? Well, these are the figures extracted from online market research companies and this is what is claimed by the internal research of the Social Media majors. With so much hype on Social Media usages, it is evident that 93% marketers use social media for internet marketing!

I am a SEO and SMM Consultant since years, and in my view, “When there is a wave, raft along the wave to reach your destination swiftly and smartly.” Well, all you may need to know is the art of rafting, and in this case, ‘using Social Media Marketing’ for the benefit of your online business. I offer intense options for effective marketing using Social Media Platforms, such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumbler, StumbleUpon and many more on the list. I have a keen understanding of individual advantages of each of these Social Networking Platforms and I know how best we could converge them to a comprehensive promotion.
Social Media Marketing Strategy
My strategy has always been realistic, and I used to follow a set of rules while promoting your website through Social Profiles. You have created a brand and I can manage that to offer it a distinct identity. You want people to know your products and services, and I will make that happen for you! Here is a keynote of activities I always plan before going for any Social Media Marketing

Understand the brand: This is the most basic step for any marketing promotion, and I implement this in Social Marketing. as well. I try to understand your product, the services you offer and the areas you intend to target. I try to discuss with my clients to understand their need and analyse them for their benefits. This groundwork helps me to formulate a strategy for effective Social Media Optimisation.
Choose the most effective ones: There are hoards of social platforms online. And each one has its distinct advantages. The most commons are facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Pintrest, etc, at this moment. And I select the best of them for a comprehensive marketing.
Formulate distinct models: There is no fixed way to get success through social media platforms. Hence, in order to play safe, I formulate redundant strategies to bring into use within promotion. If any of the strategy fails to achieve the desired results, the other one is up so as to bridge the gap and enhance effectiveness of the entire marketing campaign.

Create Profiles: This is the stepping stone to success and I do this very cautiously. A profile is the face of your business over this virtual world of Internet and I do it smartly so as to promote your brand identity. I may need your help in terms of information, data and existing status of business. With all these essentials, I create a strong profile including good quality descriptions, pictures, maps, video channels, and links to your website, as and when necessary.

Boosting connection: This is a part of networking again. Connecting your website and blogs to Social Profiles, adding social buttons to your website, allowing people to purchase directly through Social widgets, and branding a page identity is all that is required to be connected with one-another so as to reap a comprehensive benefit.

Sharing and flaring: Quality always offers results. And this is especially true if you are doing quality content sharing that interests your users. My strategy uses every technique that can possibly bind your customers and can actively involve them through your profiles. I use to run campaigns, promotions, offers, polls, etc. (obviously with your consent!) to engage users and lure them towards your products and services.
I know the power of Social Media and how those can flair up your business with proper planning and implementation. Call me today or leave me a message to assist you in your Social Media Marketing. I am sure you can find a way to boost your identity!