Ask Me For An In-Depth Audit To Know The Performance Of Your Website On Real Time

SEO and Website audit has been popular terms used by website owners and SEO professionals, these days. In a simple language this is an audit of the performance of any website from the perspective of Search Engines. This audit consists of analysis of web trends, compliance of the website with the latest popularity norms and analysis of the structure of the website as per the conditions of ranking over Search Engines. Google being the major Search Engine across the world, the Website audits mainly take into account the determining factors as per the directives of Google’s website ranking algorithm.
Why you may need an SEO Audit?
As stated SEO audit is a fact-finding about the performance of your website over Search Engines. You need to know the intricate details of your website, such as flawless coding, On-page Meta elements, Page content relevancy, inflow and outflow of links form your web pages and many such details so as to initiate necessary actions for better view of your website over Search Engines. Unless, you know what exactly is wrong for your website, how do you think of taking up actions for better visibility of your website? It’s obvious that if you do not have visibility, the chances of business conversion are also quite skeptic.
How can I help?
With my years of experience in SEO industry, I have sharpened my skills to determine the necessity for a website in order to become SEO friendly. I could offer you an in-depth analysis of your website through the analysis of back-ends, link analysis, on-page factors, and W3C compatibility. I am also quite efficient in performing an in-depth analysis of your SEO promotions, offering you details about the quality of back-links, probable low quality and harming links, effect analysis and such other vital aspects. Through my audit, you are enlightened about the real time performance of your website, and I can suggest you about areas of improvement that can bring a significant transformation to the status of your online business.
Here is an overview of the vital components of my SEO and Website Audit:
Search Engine Reputation: As an essential component of my SEO and Website Audit, I make sure to search for the vital indicators that may deceive you of your web reputation. Any allegations, complaint or even a negative feedback is searched through various forums and offered to you to make you aware about such ill-presences.
Search Engine Exposure: I use specific set of tools to measure the most profitable keywords and their exposure to Search Engines. You can understand the vital keywords and phrases that define your business and how they are performing for your website. This also takes into account your competitors performance for the same set of keywords so that you could analyze your web presence clearly.
search engine optimizationWeb Site Structure: Internal navigation structure and keyword composition, offers a great value for your website. I make sure to conduct a thorough review of your website structure to point-at any such deformities. Being aware is most important at part before taking any action, isn’t it?
Link popularity: I make sure to analyze the link popularity of your website over major Search Engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. Once you are aware about the link performance, you can take actions to enhance the popularity.
Review of Site Meta Data: This is one of the most important aspects of my Website Audit. As a vital component for any Search Engine Spiders, you need to fix these things in order to get maximum exposure and thorough indexing.
Review of Domain name issues: I make every attempt to make you aware about any issues around your domain name. Be it a exact-matched domain, or a domain with canonical issue, I make sure to identify the cause and suggest you to eradicate that for better performance of your website.
Apart from the above vital statistics, I also analyze your website against broken internal links, domain maturity, keyword density in your landing pages, identification and preparation of a landing page, etc. The whole idea is to make you aware about your website and to offer you solutions to overcome the bottlenecks of your website from the Search Engine’s perspective. Call me today or email me for a professional Website Audit!