Local Business Listing Services (Google Places) / Local SEO

Get The Most Of Local Business Listing As An Effective Start-up For Your Online Business
What’s Local Search Engine Optimization?
To be precise, Local SEO is targeting a geographical area while conducting any online promotion campaign. Especially for small businesses, independent business owners, and personalized services, where the area of operation is limited this specific strategy can bring your results with prospective business conversion.
You must be aware about the Yellow Pages or a classified section of a newspaper. What do you see there? There are bunch of ads about local services and products, isn’t it? Well, Local SEO is a similar concept; but the only different is you promote your website online targeting your specific locality.
Who Could Adopt Local SEO
As per the above understanding, Local SEO can be adopted by any business that is operating online. But those who could gain significantly from these are:
Small BusinessesLocal SEO
Local stores
Independent Business Owners
Start-up businesses
The profession could be any. It could be a neighborhood bistro, store, pharmacy, dental professional as well as an attorney; everyone can take advantage of such neighborhood advertising.
How to go about Local SEO for your business niche
Local SEO needs a strategic approach for promotion. My experience as a SEO consultant says, you must identify your business in order to run it properly. I can help you with many effective strategies for business promotion over local business spaces. You can detail me about your business and locality and I can manage the campaign for you to offer you the best exposure and ample local identity. The strategies, I use are: Google Maps: Google map is a universal identification of locations with free utilities such as addition of your street, and business houses on the entire map. Why not using this for promotion of local business? You can create an identity on the Google Map and use that to show your real presence to your customers.
Google Places: This is another advanced tool to show your physical presence. An estimate says, almost 97% of customers search for local business and services only. With Google places, you can mark your presence, with your street address, house number and contact details. You can get yourself verified and mark your presence online for those 97% customers who search for services and products online. You can add category of business, contact information and time of availability to make your presence significant.
Google+ and Google Hangout: With every business going social, have you ever thought of marking your presence among such preferred social profiles of Google? You can actively participate in a group and listen to your customers’ needs to reciprocate them appropriately. Ask their reviews, their experiences and make sure that they are happy with your support. This will not only build your credibility as an operator, but also offer you an open space for discussing about your business and products.
Google Ad Planner: I can help you to get the best searched key-terms through this smart utility. Depending upon mobile users and desktop users, I can plan an advertisement campaign for you with premium services from Google and strategize a promotion for you. You could be found on Google and can generate good visitors as well as revenues.
Google Offer: The latest advantage for local SEO! Plan an offer for your customers, make some happy hour discounts, and gift out freebees; Voila! You attract your customers repeatedly to be engaged with you. Engaging audience is a factor vital for your business and I can surely help you in this.
Call me today for offering a boost to your online business through local SEO service. Target your niche and I will make sure that you succeed in this!