SEO today has emerged as the most important aspect in website maintenance. The complete range of SEO varies across optimization of text, images, videos, as well as any other animation or graphic added into the post to make it more informative. SEO is nothing more than use of special techniques to make your website appear on the top of the results page. Google is the biggest traffic source these days, and if you learn to harness the power of this search engine, then you can gain endless flow of visitors to your site. If have already optimized your text and images to appeal to the search engines, then the next thing you might be worried about is videos. These simple tricks would allow you to manage your videos in a manner that they appear on the first page of any search engine.

These tricks are not only easy to understand, but even quick to implement.
1. Make the videos informative
There’s no use of developing videos which cannot explain your content clearly, or lack proper knowledge. Internet world has no shortage of worthless videos, and you surely would never want your video to be a part of the crowd. You must ensure that your video provides a step by step explanation of the content you are providing. If your video has a good content embedded into it, it will surely touch better heights and receive more views.
2. Choose your title widely
There’s no need to explain the importance of title in any new post you write. Just like title plays an important role in providing the basic overview of the content, similar thing applies for the title of a video. You must ensure that the title is not only a bit informational, but even eye-catchy.
3. Use keywords but do not overdo them
You can of course use the keywords under ‘meta’ tag but you are not supposed to overdo them as it would lead to spam marking. Ensure that the keywords you choose match with the starting of your title. Using out of the scope keywords will not only prove to be useless, but they would harm your rankings instead of improving them.
4. Provide basic description
Say something about your video in the description section. Keep it compact, full of knowledge, saturated and focused. Just a glimpse of this description must be able to explain to the user what all he is about to see. The description would set up a kind of promise to the user which shall be further fulfilled by the video.
5. Share your video
If you want your fire to go viral in the forest, you would have to be the one to initiate it. You cannot expect others to share it unless you share it yourself first. Spread your video on social media like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. and ask your friends to view it, and promote it if they like it. Once the burning match stick falls on the perfect husk, the fire is sure to go wild.